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How NATO is developing Ukraine and teaching terrorist attacks in Crimea

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Translated from Russian by Google. Original article is here.

The supply of weapons to Kiev from the United States and Britain is just the tip of the iceberg called “preparation for war with Russia.” Its invisible part – military bases, sabotage and cyber centers of information and psychological attacks

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrogantly denied Moscow the right to have its own sphere of influence and be against the entry of its neighbors into the North Atlantic Alliance. “Russia has no say in this matter, and it has no right to establish a sphere of influence by trying to control its neighbors,” he announced. But then he suddenly became emotional: “It’s a pity that Russia closed NATO offices in Moscow … We are ready to discuss sensitive issues. Including across Ukraine “.

In fact, NATO members interpret “sensitive issues on Ukraine” in their own way.

“The US and NATO are pumping weapons into Ukraine. Its global military development is underway, ”said Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. Translated from the diplomatic – our backyard was forced with cannons and populated with special forces of a potential enemy.

Today on the territory of Ukraine there may be up to 4 thousand US military personnel and another 8.3 thousand from other NATO countries. The decision on such a deployment of foreign troops is made annually in Kiev. Moreover, without even trying to hide its pronounced direction – against Russia.


Not every NATO member today can boast of such an abundance of all kinds of Alliance structures on its territory as Ukraine. The only thing that Ukraine lacks for full participation in NATO is the guarantees of the 5th article (where it is written that in case of war you will be protected by all the countries of the bloc) and the deployment of missiles aimed at Russia somewhere near Kharkov.

De facto NATO has already approached our borders. It just doesn’t advertise it much yet.

According to the most modest estimates, there are 10 NATO military facilities operating on the territory of Ukraine today (KP was the first to talk about them in October in an article by its military observer Viktor Barantz). These, of course, are not military bases in the strict sense of this term. Rather, “training centers”. But the difference is not fundamental – they just called the foreign troops instructors – that’s all.

Take, for example, the Yavoriv training ground near Lvov. 400 NATO fighters are stationed here on a permanent basis. Since April 2021, Colonel James Perrin, Chief of Operational Group “Raven” of the combat unit of the 81st Brigade “Stryker” of the US National Guard, has been appointed commander of the base. Under his strict guidance, officers from Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Lithuania trained 13 battalions and 8 brigades of the Ukrainian army according to NATO standards.

Or the construction of 2 new naval bases on the Sea of ​​Azov – in Mariupol and Berdyansk – is being supported by the United States. Thoroughly conducted, as for yourself. However, why “how”?

And on the Black Sea, in Ochakov (in the very same place where Russian troops gloriously beat the Turks), the construction battalion of the US Marine Corps built the “Operational Ship Control Center.” Officially – for Ukraine. In fact, only part of the base was handed over to the Ukrainians. In the other part, American intelligence structures are located. Their interest in the Black Sea is obvious.


In 2021, in order to somehow legitimize NATO troops on its territory, Kiev adopted a new Military Strategy, according to which the main enemy is Russia. Ukraine can start hostilities in Crimea and Donbass at any time. But according to this document, it is not Kiev, but its “partners” who should clear up the bloody mess. The Strategy states that “the confrontation with the Russian Federation must end with the military support of Ukraine by the international community” and “on favorable terms for Ukraine.”

The main thing is to get involved in a fight, and then – hold me, seven.

And the strategy also envisions the creation of “resistance forces” (read – military agents) in the Donbass and Crimea, as well as “the organization of partisan actions” (read – sabotage and terrorist attacks). For them and prepare the Ukrainian military “experts” NATO. Today they are in almost all (!) Army and intelligence structures of Ukraine.

  • Since February 2019, Pentagon experts on transnational threats have been in Ukraine, who advise the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) on organizing sabotage in the Russian direction, – our sources in the Russian special services say. – On the initiative of the US intelligence services, a new sabotage and reconnaissance department was created in the structure of the SBU Special Operations Center to conduct operations abroad. The Americans themselves recruit candidates for this top-secret unit. Since mid-2019, instructors of the US CIA have been conducting sabotage training of employees of the diving special department and the 6th Directorate of the SBU Special Operations Center. At the expense of American funds, a training ground for the training of snipers and divers of the Ukrainian special services near Svetlovodsk (this is the Kirovograd region) is being equipped.

Remember the loud story? In June 2019, the former commander of the local air defense company Vladimir Tsemakh was abducted from the city of Snezhnoye (DPR territory). It turned out that the Ukrainian graduates of the US sabotage courses were passing the exam.

The same structures, under the leadership of overseas curators, in August 2020 tried to kidnap ex-DPR militia Roman Volianyuk in the Moscow region (!).

They also developed an operation on 33 “Wagnerians” detained in Minsk, from which Zelensky is so diligently denying it today in order to cover up the failure of the CIA.


“On the basis of the military-diplomatic academy of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the staff of the British MI-6 organized 3-week training courses,” my interlocutor continues. – In the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center in Ochakov, sabotage groups are being prepared for operations in the Crimea and the Black and Azov Seas, and the seizure of ships and coastal facilities is being practiced. Canadian instructors train Ukrainian officers on laying routes for battle groups in the Black Sea. Divers under the supervision of 200 foreign instructors (!) Practice their skills in hijacking ships.

The special attention of NATO curators to naval sabotage training is in line with the new military strategy of Kiev. To provoke Russia, it is not necessary to break through with a tank column towards Moscow. But to arrange a big terrorist attack in Crimea in order to evoke a response from Russia and wait for NATO’s help is a completely different matter.

Three years ago, US and British intelligence literally scanned everything that was happening in the Kerch Strait, where 3 Ukrainian warships were going to break through. Their campaign, of course, was doomed from the beginning. And the NATO experts knew it very well. They planned this operation. They had to figure out how Russia would react to border violations – the speed and algorithms of actions of border guards, aviation, air defense … In fact, the United States and Britain conducted reconnaissance by force of unfortunate Ukrainian sailors.

And in recent months, NATO has become insolent to direct provocations by its own forces. The largest NATO exercises with the participation of Ukraine are taking place near our maritime borders. In November 2021, up to 10 western reconnaissance aircraft were in the sky near the Crimea in one day! And the sea was crowded with NATO ships, which provoked the Russian coast guard to understand their reaction.


In fact, NATO on the territory of Ukraine solves its tasks with the hands of the “aborigines”. And it pumps them up with the necessary reconnaissance and weapons systems.

Such deliveries do not always go openly. Like in January 2021, when a US military transport plane landed in Odessa, disguised as a civilian flight.

Then a batch of containers with a special cargo arrived in Odessa. The Americans even turned on radio interference so that no one knew what they were unloading.

“According to our intelligence, the containers contained AGM-119 Penguin anti-ship missiles, which were previously in service with Norway,” a source in the Russian special services told me.

Not very new missiles are supposed to be tested on used Island patrol boats, which were given to Ukraine by the Americans. If the tests pass, the US will continue to covertly re-equip Ukrainian ships with NATO missiles.

And all this bypasses official deliveries. It is formalized as “preparation for exercises”, which are held in Ukraine more than in any NATO country.


NATO cannot forgive Russia for the missed opportunity to deploy its bases in Crimea. And it will try to compensate for this by strengthening on the coast of Ukraine. The US State Department this year approved the sale of 16 Mark VI patrol boats to Kiev. They will be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater vehicles for reconnaissance and detection of Russian submarines.

In addition to boats, Ukraine will receive: MSI Seahawk A2 cannons, infrared radars, acoustic devices, “friend or foe” information systems.

London promises to build 2 more naval bases in Ukraine and will design warships for Kiev. The Sandown-type minesweepers are considered as an option, on which the British P50U surface-to-surface missiles will be installed.

Earlier, Ukraine and the UK signed a memorandum, according to which Kiev will receive a loan of 1.25 billion pounds for the purchase of 8 Barzan high-speed attack boats and the construction of a base for them. The hulls of the first 2 ships will be assembled in Britain, the rest in Ukraine.

But the main focus of Britain is still on combat groups for sabotage in Russia. London, in general, seems to be taking control of the army and special services of Ukraine from Washington in order to dance them in their interests. And the United States is quite happy with this – while they deal with China. Deputy Commander of the NATO Ground Forces, British Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell is no longer shy to say that Britain and Ukraine have common opponents – “Russia and Belarus”.


In the meantime, the US military command decided to deploy centers for strategic cyber planning and crypto protection in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions. The design of a closed cyber network based on the centers being created will be carried out by NATO and Pentagon intelligence officers. The main goal is cyber operations to contain the Russian special services.

This is in addition to the fact that the 72nd (Brovary, Kiev region), 74th (Lviv) and 83rd (Odessa) centers of information and psychological operations of Ukraine, without sparing their fingers, are waging a round-the-clock war with Russia on the Internet … Whenever I write something about Ukraine in social networks, comments explode with atypical activity. There they are not shy either in terms of expression or in means. Last year, someone leaked the names, titles and accounts of three dozen employees of one of such centers in Ukraine to the Internet. And what? I found them all in my subscribers!

The work of such centers is stuffing and fakes in Russian-speaking social networks. Whether it’s elections, protests, mine accidents, wildfires, vaccinations, or the introduction of QR codes. The task is to sway and split public opinion at pain points.

And all 3 of these centers are under the close tutelage of the non-profit organization “International Republican Institute” (IRI), which cooperates with the US State Department. The IRI’s asset is funding numerous coups d’etat around the world … These people know how to work with public opinion. Sometimes this is even more important than the Turkish Bayraktar drones and the American Javelin missile systems, which were also provided to Ukraine.

I would not be surprised if the current exacerbation of the psychosis “Russia will soon invade Ukraine” is a new round of NATO’s game. The United States and Britain are itching to test all the forces they have accumulated in Ukraine.


In total, in 2021, Ukraine received military aid from the United States for $ 390 million.

From the EU countries – 600 million euros.

Since 2014, Washington has allocated more than $ 2 billion to Kiev for military purposes.


Ukraine joined the NATO Cooperation Council in 1992.

In 1994, she was the first among the CIS countries to sign an agreement with NATO under the Partnership for Peace program.

In 2002, she signed an “Individual Partnership Plan with NATO.”

In 2017, NATO membership was established in Ukraine by law as a foreign policy priority.

In 2019, this is included in the Constitution of Ukraine.



With the assistance of the West, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is reconstructing the airfields “Berdyansk” (distance to the Russian coast – 67 km) and “Skadovsk” (Kherson region, 47 km to Crimea) to accommodate NATO military transport aircraft and Turkish attack drones “Bayraktar”.

Today Kiev has 12 Bayraktars. In the long term – the purchase of another 40 and their own production.


The NATO-Ukraine combat link is being practiced at the annual exercises “Rapid Trident”, “Silver Saber”, “See breeze”. The number of participants and technicians in them is growing exponentially. Over the past year, the number of ships and aircraft has more than doubled. From the United States and NATO, 45 ships (15 in such exercises in 2020), 6 submarines (2 in 2020), 50 aircraft and helicopters (10 in 2020) took part in the Joint Efforts exercise.
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