What You’ll Find Here & on Channels

This site is for analysis, backgrounders as well as translation of documents, speeches, etc that I discuss or mention on my channels and that I want to put somewhere for easy reference or reuse. The posts here are intended to provide context to content on my channels. The publishing schedule is infrequent.

Most work happens on my channels on Telegram and VK, where I offer translations of original news sources, usually with no comments, except where needed for clarification or context. The focus there is on the areas of the former USSR, Near- and Middle East and occasionally norther Africa and southern Asia.
The translation channels are intended to give access to foreign language resources, mainly in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Turkish, Persian, Arab and Hebrew media and social media news sources, and give an insight into what’s going on outside the mainstream media filters. All translations are provided with links to original sources, for those who want to go and investigate themselves.
I often abbreviate News OFehr Media as NOFM.

Main news, comment & analysis channels:
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